A House in Abiko by Fuse-Atelier

A residence built in Abiko City (Japan) was designed by Fuse-Atelier for a couple in their thirties. Upon the clients’ desire, a gallery-like concrete-made space has composed, where their pleasure of designed furniture stands out.

Since the house located on the bottom of two plateaus and built on a soft foundation, stakes have used to support a reinforced concrete structure. To reduce costs, the number of stakes was reduced and direct contact with the ground was minimized. Then the walls and roof slab were modeled as a three dimensional continuous surface, to create a characteristic form.

A three storey house’s form is highly faceted interiors and exteriors, both. Living/dining room on the second floor has a large open composition towards the green view.

The interior space was given a modulated proportion and scale that respond to each space’s activities.

By the angles of the multi-surface composition the space is divided, though connected, and creates various sequences that are accompanied by sensual natural light’s reflection and refraction.

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