A Living Design; Palo Verde Desk

Sometimes a design finds you instead of the other way around, like Palo Verde Desk. This design was born of a tree that was felled by a summer monsoon. The tree was located next to our studio and was cut up by a city road crew and stacked to be hauled away.

Gore Design Co. could not allow this beautiful palo verde tree stump to go to waste, so it was rescued at the last second, however, it was without arms to support a desk. Being the problem solvers that they are, custom steel supports were fashioned that matched each branch profile perfectly and the ‘Palo Verde Desk’ was born, a concrete and wood desk for the design aficionado.


The estimated price for this concrete and wood desk, as shown: $11,450 + crating & freight

Lead-times are determined by the projects in the production queue at the time of ordering, and would typically start at 8-12 weeks for a design such as this.

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