A Matter of Taste from Fulvio Bonavia

An award-winning advertising and editorial photographer, Fulvio Bonavia has published a wonderful book named ‘A Matter of Taste’ which features series of photography created by himself.

The book’s theme is the unity of two conflicting worlds throughout time; food& high fashion. Both are the highly seductive elements for a person.

‘A Matter of Taste’ illustrates high end fashion garments and accessories from the world’s most famous designers made from food through the use of great lighting, illustration, transparency and retouching.

‘The Jewel’ serie is a collaboration between Dasha Zhukova, Fulvio Bonavia and Giovanna Battaglia to create images of high-fashion attire exclusively for the first issue of Garage magazine.

The works of this highly seductive photographer has been honored by Communication Arts, PDN, the Italian Art Directors Club, and the IPA, among others, and Luerzer’s Archive has named Fulvio one of the ‘200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide’.

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