A New Exhibition from the Turkish Artist İRFAN ÖNÜRMEN

Two exhibitions at Pi Artworks Galatasaray and Tophane…

Tulle of the wedding dress

When I was child, I would stitch wedding dresses and veils for my Barbie babies with pieces of tulle. My daughter has a black tulle skirt now -and I want the same for me, which shows how I became obsessive about tulle nowadays! I have always liked tulle clothes. And this may be the reason why the works of İrfanÖnürmen affects me deeply. The transparency of tulle makes such an effect that it seems the cloth wants to reveal inside the figures, their essences and souls. İrfanÖnürmen’s works are focused on heavy -opposite to the lightness of the tulle, social subjects and formed of consecutive layers.


İrfanÖnürmen, Pentulle_4

Pi Artworks opens its new Gallery in Galatasaray Mısır Appartment with İrfanÖnürmen’s exhibition,“Bakis”. Just after this exhibition that will be opened in 14th April, Tophane Gallery of Pi Artworks will host”Autopsy” works of the artist on between 26th April and 16th July.

“Autopsy” exhibition is the seventh of İrfanÖnürmen’s archive series which he creates with newspapers.In the installation designed as an autopsy room, the society is symbolized with a single human figure. The newspaper of which the figure was made is a memory of society and humanbeing. You can see many points mentioned on the figure… from the society’s way of thinking, to its approach towards the woman; from how it designs the cities to its understanding of democracy. The result of this autopsy operation, blocks of concepts make it inevitable for us to re-define the society, build the relations between these concepts and re-think on these concepts.

Works in“Bakis” exhibition talks about the space between the exterior and interior world of ours.It’s about the selective, declining, intangible and uncertain states of”looking”. The tulle cloth, which he has been using for a long time, is the material of the works in this exhibition as well.

İrfanÖnürmen was born in 1958 and graduated from the Department of Painting of İstanbul State Academy of Fine Arts (which is Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University currently).9. Contemporary Turkish Painter”, Brussels (2004, Belgium);” Made in Turkey, Frankfurt (2008, Germany),”Intersections”, Museum of New Baghdad and Terror Factory, Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki (2009, Greece);”6 positions in the critical art from Istanbul”, Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg (2009, Berlin),” Contemporary Art from Istanbul”, Museo Comunale d’Arte Contemporanea, Polignano a Mare (2010, Italy), are some of the international events he attended.Works of İrfanÖnürmen are seen in many important collections at home and abroad, including İstanbul Modern.


İrfanÖnürmen, 2009, Panik Serie Relief 3, Newspaper 57*38cm.


İrfanÖnürmen, 2009, Panik Serie Relief

In”Panic” exhibition in 2009, the artist had studied the theme of war.3-D works made with newspapers were quite impressive. In the same year, he opened a joint exhibition together with Dimitris Merantzas, which made a great impact in terms of meeting two sides of Aegean Sea. Sculptures in Museum of New Baghdad are utterly magnificent. Watching the war on TV does not really feel this much real. On the other hand,”Portraits” is about the interpretation and exposition of news photos of women subjected to violence and honor crimes published in newspapers with causes of killing on tulle.The drawings made previously one by one on tulle are presented as the television format by putting them on top of each other.


İrfanÖnürmen, Portraits_5


İrfanÖnürmen, Bakış, 2011

The artist confronts people with their own truths, studies different human profiles and implements his own unique collage technique. He continues his works in Istanbul…

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