A Retiree, A Volkswagen, Some Wood, A Crazy Work!

Momir Bojic is a retiree 71 years old. It is not known what his coevals do but he created a very interesting car, created the car from over 50,000 separate pieces of oak and hasbeen driving his car on the road!

He covered the bodywork of a regular Beetle in thousands of oak tiles, each one of which required no fewer than 23 separate procedures. Mr Bojic made all of the wooden fittings – steering wheel, gearstick, hubcaps, radio – in his garden workshop.

The car is perfectly roadworthy, and Mr Bojic says its draws crowds wherever it goes- it is impossible to ignore his car, isn’t it?

He cleans and takes care of his car. There are no age limits to create!

aol-wooden-vw-beetle-by-momir-bojic-06 aol-wooden-vw-beetle-by-momir-bojic-04 aol-wooden-vw-beetle-by-momir-bojic-03 aol-wooden-vw-beetle-by-momir-bojic-02 aol-wooden-vw-beetle-by-momir-bojic-01

Images: IBT (International Business Times)

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