A Ring- Not Romantic But Comfortable

It is easily seen that the comfort and function hasn’t been taken into consideration during the period of ring design because of the reason of wearing rings (love, marriage, loyalty…). Because the ring is a kind of jewelery, it is very normal that the women’s expectations should be importatnt at ring designs.

But David Tsai does not care the romantism expectation of women, the designer just thought that the ring should have been comfortable for the ones who go out for walking or doing exercises without thinking where they should put their keys. Carrying a bag or putting the keys are not comfortable choices.So, you can easily slip the design on your finger with the key(or two keys)- it is safe and secure.


Keon V1, is patent pending, 3d printed and available in multiple colors in sizes 5 – 15.

Keon V1 won’t give you super powers, but will hold your key.

aol-david-tsai-keon-v1-03 aol-david-tsai-keon-v1-04 aol-david-tsai-keon-v1-05 aol-david-tsai-keon-v1-black aol-david-tsai-keon-v1-blue aol-david-tsai-keon-v1-pink aol-david-tsai-keon-v1-purple aol-david-tsai-keon-v1-white

Images: David Tsai

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