A Sculptural Wooden Table; Roxanne

Do the objects have feelings? Do you touch them or areyou touched by them? Do the designs create their own ambiance and fill their ambiance into the living places? Are they just decorative or are they like living creatures?

Roxanne by Robert Scott is designed to seek a deeper relationship between user and object by inviting interaction through touch.

Pieces are sculpted using a combination of hand carved stack lamination and laminate bending, creating wonderfully tactile shapes and surfaces. The forms themselves are inspired by the elegant and fluid contours  created by the erosive force of wind and water on rock.

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Roxanne is the first piece of furniture designed by Robert Scott since founding the studio in late 2013
Materials:  Native Ash
Finish:  Oil
Dimensions:  1260 x 400 x 780
Edition: One of a Kind

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