A Small “!” Moment: Nendo

Nendo , as a great design company, reflects small hidden moments in daily life to the daily products. The team in Nendo don’t recognize the user. Even when they recognize them, they tend to unconsciously reset their minds and forget what they’ve seen.

They believe that, the hidden moments are what make their days so interesting and rich. And that’s why they want to reconstitute the everyday by collecting and
reshaping the products into something that’s easy to understand.

They would like the people who’ve encountered Nendo’s designs to feel these small‘!’ moments intuitively. That’s nendo’s job.

There is an interesting project, named One per cent products ! In this project, only 100 of each object were made. 100 is the perfect amount: they’re neither one-off‘works of art’ nor mass-produced products made in the millions.

Whether it’s the skill of the artisans or new technologies, we want to make things that are only possible because there are 100 of them. Not more, not less.
In this project they would like to give owners the chance to experience the joy of owning 1%. In the 100 edition project, every product is selling on web site.

Nendo is a multidisciplinary design company. One of the company’s project is about an aromatherapy candle holder, created as a gift item for Haagen-Dazs. It’s look like a melting ice cream.

A design that explores new possibilities of creating a comfortable armchair, without using large surfaces of leather or large volumes of cushioning, but using aluminum or carbon fiber hidden between thin strips of leather. The armchair, named Sen for Poltrona Frau, can be used outdoor.

A small container created using a 3D printer that cuts, stacks and pastes sheets of paper one by one. We finished the surface with lacquer. The lacquer adhered thickly to the edges of the accumulated paper, and pulled at the paper’s surface, resulting in a mysterious texture like wood grain. Lacquer paper-objects are very interesting.

To learn about Nendo or who is in the team or other products/ projects…etc. use thislink.

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