A sound system without speakers by Italian sound system developer Figaro

Figaro is an innovative audio system that replaces conventional speakers transforming everyday and existing materials such as plasterboard, wood, glass, composite materials.

Figaro uses a new technology (Developed to use in the projects of NASA) that gives the opportunity to generate sound through the surface where it is applied, transforms the surface to a giant loudspeaker. The sound propagation is extremely homogeneous improving the stereo and surround effects.

It’s design has aimed to be invisible after applicated, a same sound quality without speakers and cables, a lowered risk of breaking down since it is less equipped for an ordinary sound system and lesser waste of energy.

Figaro can be use as a plug and play sound solution in many applications such as residential, hotels, spa, swimming pools, restaurants, marines, stores and much more interiors.

Figaro sound systems are distributed by Penguen Advisory Office (Penguen Danışmanlık) in Turkey.

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