A Talented Young Designer: Emir Rıfat Işık

I often have opportunities to meet with young talents. I try to write about them as much as possible on Architecture of Life. AndEmir Rıfat Işık is one of them… He aimed to go beyond any usage scenarios by ignoring borders with his first work called Packet Phone and his design was deemed the championship in 2007 Istanbul Design Week. He was introduced in Milano. Afterwords lots of news been made about him…

Yanko design,Mocoloco,Environment team,Tuvie… I began to see him wherever I look. So we decided to ask a few questions to know him better:

Can you tell us a little bit of your design philosophy? Which designs excite you? What do you think the focal point of design should be?

First of all, what I did for whom and when determines it. We live our daily lives in a behavior form completely based on visual elements. In my projects, I try to obtain catchy results by seeing the details which can establish an emotional bond between the product and person, questioning them and combining different images in a correct way. While sometimes I work for the purpose of raising awareness, sometimes I just think result-oriented. Whichever way I pursue, I give my all not to get off my course of design.

The designs with a certain characteristic and way of expression make me feel better. The focal point of design, in my opinion, is to question how an emotional bond will be established between the user base and product.

Emir Rifat Isik presents tableware that combines the feel of textiles with industrial design.”Tuzu biberi” is”salt and pepper” in Turkish. A closer association is created when the product is warm to the touch says Isik.

In which fields does Emir Rıfat Işık make designs?

I prefer working in different projects. While working for a company at a time, I sometimes create new projects only for myself.

Since 2008, I worked with some companies in Hong Kong and Los Angeles on end-user electronics… At the same time, I made illustrations for a textile company; meanwhile, I went on developing independent product concepts for abroad. I designed furniture for Istanbul DesignWeek; then I worked on corporate decoration and details of industrial design for a new place of Istanbul Doors Restaurant group.

Do you have any new projects to be launched in the near future?

Currently, I’ve been making concept drawings for a construction project in UK, and also providing services of brand consultancy and industrial design for a private medical company.I’m interviewing with another company for plastic kitchenware these days. So, quite busy yet lively and joyful.

Your favorite designer from Turkey and the world that you like and follow?

Dieter Rams, Michael Young, Kisho Kurokawa,Ümit Altun, Oya Akman, Meriç Kara, Erdem Akan and Tamer Nakışçı.

What does it feel like to be a designer in Turkey? Which country do you feel closer to yourself on design? As a young designer, what would you expect to change?

The challenges of understanding of design in Turkey which is still in its first steps can sometimes make difficulties for all of us; but I don’t think we have the right to use it as an excuse. Now in our country, our precious designer elders and talented young people carry out successful projects. I consider living in Turkey, especially in Istanbul as a privilege for us, because the city has such a wide range of cultural texture and it is so living and inspiring.

I like Scandinavian design. I do not expect things to change as a young designer. Because I believe that it is us to change things; what’s important here is to advance towards our goal with passion and consistency.


Okko Bird Feeder has been designed to adapt the life space of the birds living around to our own life space and to create lively living areas for everybody says Isık. The Pool World concept has been designed to be hanged over the balkony ceilings and includes extra perches and a bird pool. The Green World concept has been aimed at garden usage by placing it on a post. It can also be used as a pot, which would generate noticiable green spots for bird.

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