A talented young designer: Thora Finnsdottir

The designer,Thora Finnsdottir is educated ceramicist and designer from the Danish Design School, based in Copenhagen. She is known for her original Scandinavian design, which exquisitely reflects the fact that she draws inspiration from the shapes and forms of everyday life and adds her own unique form language.



Thora Finnsdottirwas born in Iceland and she finds inspiration in the country’s magnificent contrasts– the meeting between nature and civilisation, old and new. Her designs are always based on existing everyday objects, and she plays with their form and structure until a new form language emerges.


Finnsdottir Design originates in Scandinavian design tradition. A piece of jewellery fromFinnsdottir Design is created through a process in which the delicate porcelain is carefully crafted by hand.


The collections consist of unique porcelain jewellery with it’s entirely own expression. All products are made with the finest materials. The porcelain parts are mounted on or with fine silver, gold plated silver or doublé.


The brand contains a wide range of porcelain products: jewellery, vases, candlesticks and unique designs.Finnsdottir Designcan be found on thislink and in a number of shops in Europe.

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