A Torch Through Your Hand

Ryosuke Fukusada describes his “Wooden Light Bulb” as the title. He says: ““Akin to shining a torch through your hand”.  This attractive and interesting design is a wooden light bulb, you haven’t read wrong! It is a handmade, unique luminaire.

For manufacturing the lamp, Fukusada uses the traditional Japanese craft technique of Rokuro, which is now very rarely practised. In colloboration with Yuki Ayabe, a master of this old craft, a more than 100-year-old pine block is turned on a lathe and carved away, using special tools, until the bulb is between two and three milimetres thick.

aol-wooden-light-bulb-ryosuke-fukusada-for-ledon (2)

The result is a light source that looks like solid wood when switched off. Actually, its shell is so thin that the light emitted by an LED light source fitted inside shows through resulting in a unique and fascinating luminescence.

There is a nice video of Wooden Light Bulb, showing its design process, we recommend you to watch it.

(Limited edition Wooden Light Bulb is available at LEDON. )

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