A Traditional Texture; Silt Collection

Are you one of the people who are fond of traditional designs? If you like old textures and traditional perspective, you will also like Silt Collection by Gautier Pelegrin. The warm Brown colour of Silt Collection reflects the unique value of simple and elegant designs in our lives while taking you to the mystic ages.

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Designed at VW+BS, Silt is a small collection of jugs and cups, using the traditional material of unglazed Purple Clay, more commonly used for the tiny and elaborate teapots in China to serve green tea.

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This unglazed material has the effect of softening the taste of the water in the same way as activated charcoal. This occurs whether you are serving tea, coffee water or wine and as purple clay is a completely natural material, each piece will be unique and differ slightly in colour.


The collection has been developed with the Taiwanese company Lin’s Ceramics Studio, using their particular brand of Purion ware, which is twice fired.

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