A View to the Paradise: Northface

Year: 2010
Location:  Stavanger,  Norway
Photographs: Element Arkitekter AS,  Dinesen
Project: Element Arkitekter AS
Collaborators: Boye Og Waaye& Co, Uppe,Dinesen
Size: 277 sq meters
Program & Sustainability: Family house. Massive wood construction; reuse of the old foundation and walls.

Northface is the project name of an old Nordic house which was built in 1969 as a twin to the neighboring building. As the time passes by, the building did not function well to the demands of 2008-living, neither in the room sizes nor in their solutions, So the owner decided that it had generally a need for restoration work and the Element Arkitekter AS, the famous Norwegean studio was chosen one to shine her in a better way with a touch of art and serenity!

“Our client, was very professional during the process, but we didn’t get totally carte blanche. She told us that Dinesen floor was a must from the first day we met!! She also wanted to have windows on each side of the main floor despite the 11 meter long window facing north. We think the consept of the north view wold be stronger without the side windows. Anyway she likes it very much.”
The main idea was to get the maximum view towards north and the maximum sun towards south at the very steep site facing north. There was a building there like the neighboring that was demolished, but the foundtation is re-used. The team decided to use  Dinesen for all of the floors and for the outside wood, the used  Kebony.

One of the main differences from the old version of the building is the volume on top. It is pulled further away from the road to make room for a larger sun deck towards the south and to let more light into the building. And also, this deck is thereby sheltered from the northern wind.

As Architecture of Life, we will keep in touch with this exceptional studio. As a matter of fact, within a couple of weeks, there will be another article about an other project of Element Arkitekter AS which also gets the butterflies in our stomach once again!

But if you do not want to wait, you can also visit their web-site just with a single click !

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