AA House by OAB

OAB (Office of Architecture in Barcelona) have designed the AA House in Barcelona, Spain. The design scheme for House AA responds to simple geometric rules.

The diagonals comprise a roof system like an artificial topography.

Through its wide glasswork, trellises, and sliding panels, the house develops a direct relationship between the interior and exterior. Creating a visual connection between the garden, rooms, halls, library, dining rooms, kitchen, main bedroom and guest suites.

The areas on the lower floor are service areas of the main program, such as a cellar communicating directly with the dining room, a video library communicating with the library; an inside swimming pool and Turkish bath, an extension of the main bedroom, and a service flat leading directly to the kitchen areas.

The upper level serves as the Piano Nobile, or private level, from which a direct relationship to the surrounding landscape is still maintained through the use of glazing.

Ceramic tiles are used as cladding on the rooftops as well as the perimeter walls.

The layout is completed with private access to the patio. Its secluded position contrasts the luminous presentation of the house.

Photography by Alejo Bagué

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