Aan Zee Restaurant by Emma Architects

Emma Architects have designed the restaurant Aan Zee(The Sea) restaurant in Oostvoorne, The Netherlands.

The building displays information about the surrounding Dutch countryside and facilities for outdoor sportsmen, besides serving lunch and diner during day.

The wooden wall is layered and in small parts mounted on the facade. The building blends into the beautiful surroundings. A glass façade ensures light and views. A third wall, formed by a series of buried shipping containers, is concealed in the dunes.

The building is highly sustainable and eco-friendly. Electricity is generated by windmills and solar panels. Heating and cooling is extracted from geothermal energy, and a natural convection system is used for the ventilation. The wastewater is treated in a helofytenveld.

Actually, whole building is composed of recyclable and dismantled materials. All the materials can be reused and the location again be returned to nature.

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