Add Fun To Your Houses With 3D Wall Tiles

What about adding modern and innovative atmosphere to your living places? We shared the ways of adding joy to your houses with creative walls with our article series named “Creative Walls”. This time, we show you the creative 3D wall tiles making modern, elegant and cheerful atmosphere without any effort.

Capitonne XL

The wall is covered with soft cushions that fill the texture with softness and elegance. Also for outdoor use.

aol-3d-wall-tiles (1)

Design: 3D Surface


As a winding soft cloth that creates soft curves and sinuous waves warming the atmosphere of any ambient.

aol-3d-wall-tiles (2)

Design: 3D Surface

Cast Concrete Tile

Cast™ from Inhabit ® is a collection of nesting sculptural tiles cast from concrete. Cast reimages concrete as flowing and gentle.

aol-3d-wall-tiles (3)

Design: Inhabit

Wave Tiles

aol-3d-wall-tiles (11)

Design: Scott Daniel Design


Black, beige, white, blue and their tones are available.

aol-3d-wall-tiles (4)

Design: Kütahya Seramik


Completed during Giles’s Ma at London’s prestigious Royal College of Art, Miranda consists of thousands of tiny plastic hairs that can be brushed in any direction. Inspired by the patterns on football pitches, this surface is ever-adaptable and the temptation to touch is impossible to resist.

aol-3d-wall-tiles (5)

Design: Giles Miller

Indigo Acoustic Wall Tiles

aol-3d-wall-tiles (7)

Design: Luffa Lab

Design Cube

A luxurious example of residential design the Design Cube project was designed by ever-talented Amos&Amos and featured a ceramic artwork incorporating triangular Marsden tile.

aol-3d-wall-tiles (9)

Design: Giles Miller


Warm, comforting white body wall tiles with attractive shading. A collection in the large, rectified 30.5×91.5 cm size that reproduces the natural effects of plastered walls on old country homes.

aol-3d-wall-tiles (10)

Design: FAP Ceramiche


aol-3d-wall-tiles (8)

Design: Atlas Concorde


Creates an eclectic and cosmopolitan atmosphere..

Design: Artstone


It offers a life to its habitants as if they are on cloud nine inside the walls.

Design: Artstone


It makes the surface a piece of art..

Design: Artstone


Decorative, flamboyant, baroque-patterned walls for those, who prefer the nobleness of palaces..

Design: Artstone

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