Aesthetics of the Rope

An Exhibition from the artist of the year, Ahmet Yeşil

How precious is to be in the proper place with the proper person to help you in your way… Before beginning primary school, what made it possible for Ahmet Yeşil to go into the arts was to visit galleries with his painter neighbor and to spend time in his workshop. He tasted the atmosphere; he found out the smell of paints. A growing interest in high school to study medicine was changed to have art education with the effect of his art teacher in school.

As a result, in line with the predictions of the art teacher, painting and art became his lifestyle. Then he settled his sense of art.

Pursuing the perfection, Ahmet Yeşil has never changed his aims and always held the art as a priority in his life, adoring the colors. Sustained for many years, among the most prestigious prizes of our country,“ART INSTITUTE Plastic Arts Prize” is an important sign, especially in painting. Here is why he was given the prize, in the words of the institute:“Ahmet Yeşil was deemed worthy of the prize for 2009-2010 period due to his passion of arts in painting and his contributions to painting art for years.”

“The rope” in the title shall not surprise you. While the images from his works reflected on canvas were changed and divided into different periods, he later found the originality in object of rope. I wonder how ambitions, aspirations, thoughts and emotions are expressed with a rope. And I see the rope and feel its aesthetic value, when I look at the paintings; how the artist could express these feelings with the strong image of rope… The painting pulls me towards its orbit; it covers me with its colors… I feel the same excitement.

Although the object of rope has a very limited usage range, the artist benefits from it in such a way with endless expressions that it never restricts him within borders… He sleeps only 3 hours a day when his works are on the rail; he works for the rest of the day. He says he is married the art for more than 30 years… The artist continuing his works uninterruptedly in Mersin prefers to travel through the mysteries of unknown depths rather than being at some point in the universe…

“Living today, I think of the future. Thinking of the future, the past guides me. I think on following my dreams… The life is to distinguish the scream of a red cherry falling down the sun… The screams have become the ropes on canvas. I have always heard the screams inside my heart with the sensibilities in the wit of roller rope to reach the stars in the sky,” he says in one of his writings.

“And the most beautiful painting is the emotional sharing between the artist and painting lovers passionate for art,” he adds. This emotional sharing will now be experienced in a faraway land. Visual Touches Exhibition will welcome art lovers in 22nd February in Türkevi, New York with the reception hosted by Mehmet Samsar, Turkish Consul of New York and his wife. Here is what Ahmet Yeşil wrote for Visual Touches:

“We encounter our state of facing the realities of life in the form of facing the values of the meaning in the image. And this means for us to meet the image/reflection of our own among others in every dimension of the life. Finding, meeting, reunion and discovering are the encounters with his/her own reality for the person.

They are the meeting of emotions with the pure reality of the facts that make human unique.

Aesthetic/plastic values created by art, form an atmosphere that is reflected on Earth. It is impossible for people who are stuck in daily life to skip these reflections; because the form of seeing beyond looking at the visual one is the visual touches of the mind which perceives the life. It catches them no matter if they don’t want; it absorbs them inside itself and pushes to a common perception with unexpected people.

The visual one teases, covers and places itself within the sensibility of mind.”

In case you can’t go to New York, you can to enjoy the depths of his other works and experience the passion…

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