Aestheticus sphaira: MorpHex

The 6 legged robo-dream of  Kåre Halvorsen (aka [Zenta]) walks confident on the way of its evolution. Last summer, in the first teaser video, the MorpHex has revealed itself with 25 servos driven by a single ARC-32 controller and a custom chasis. After a few months later, in the second video, Zenta gave us a multipartite surprise: A charismatic hemispherical shell with 12 panels! And at last, we become the witnesses of the last major capability of MorpHex : The roll on command!

Zenta has lots of designs and brilliant ideas in his official blog called the robot-kits. For now,  MorpHex is his  magnum opus and we are sure that he will go beyond himself with these types of prodigal toys. Also he has nominated to the  Boca Bearings 2012! If you like the MorpHex and want to support it, you can vote in here!

In these teaser videos below, you can see the evolution period and far and aweay the best abilities of  MorpHex!

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