After 3D Animations, 3D Printing Comes to Architecture

I must confess that, when I was a student in architecture, the project models that we had to include in the term projects would be my nightmare for me. Nowadays, 3D animations replace modelling. But still, a model feels more attaractive and effective, doesn’t it? Although it troubled me much back in the days…

As the construction industry grows tremendously, its sub-sectors are growing fast as well. All of the challenging projects happen to pass on modelling workshops. Moreover, -I don’t know about you but- I fell behind the time. In large scale architecture offices, you can make your model in a few hours as if printing it out from a printer and present it to your client. For the price you make your model designed, you can buy a 3D printer says Paul Lewis, the managing director of Cadventure_3D printing for architects.

Master Architect Haldun Bağbakan is a quite old name in modelling in Istanbul. Having 30 years of career, Bağbakan meets the modelling needs of his clients with its company Kontur Maket in Kadıköy. Bağbakan who is one of the firsts in the field says the model making is a growing and attention-drawing market.

Haldun Bağbakan’s eye-straining models are so attractive and inspiring… Yes, 3D drawing softwares are giving lots of opportunities to design world, 3D printers will be offering more, but I hope the classical modelling will not end off…

However, it looks like things will soon change! The Dimension 3D printer has been used mostly for 3D solid modeling for the automotive, aerospace and other industries in the mechanical marketplace before, but as the tecnology improved and the prices lowered down it has been increasingly used by architectural firms as even 3D desktop printers. There are many types of 3D printers using different types of materials. But for sure, it seems so soon that those 3D desktop printers will make 3D printing avaible to any office with its compact size and cost-effectiveness.

Who knows, perhaps those who go to Service Bureau to print their projects out, will come back to there to print their models just before the day of presentation…

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