Agriculture in The Office? Madness!

Urban Farm. Kono Designs. Corporate Office building; nine story high, 215,000 square foot for a Japanese recruitment company, Pasona Group, located in downtown Tokyo.

It is a great project consisting of a double skinned green facade, offices, an auditorium, cafeterias, a rooftop garden and most notably, urban farming facilities integrated within the building.


In the 43,000 square feet green space with 200 species including fruits, vegetables and rice that are harvested, prepared and served at the cafeterias within the building. It is the largest and most direct farm-to-table inside an office building in Japan.


Crops and office workers share a common space in the office using both hydroponic and soil based farming. For example, tomato vines are above conference tables, lemon and passion fruit trees are in the meeting spaces, salad leaves are grown inside seminar rooms and bean sprouts are grown under benches, there are places in which rice and broccoli are grown in the main lobby. These crops grown equipped with HEFL, fluorescent and LED lamps and an automatic irrigation system.


An intelligent climate control monitors humidity, temperature and breeze and this system balancing human needs during office hours and crop growth needs during after hours maximizes the quality and yield of the crops..All plants are maintained and harvested by Pasona employees with the help of an agricultural specialist.

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Pasona Urban Farm displays the benefits of the urban agriculture and technology promoting productivity, mental health, and social interaction beyond aesthetic and visual improvement.



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