Ak-tops General Management Office by Senemoglu Architecture

Ak-tops General Management Building

Client: Ak-tops Tekstil San. A.Ş.
Architects:Senemoğlu Mimarlık/ İrem& Emre Senemoğlu
Design Team: Selin Yenel– Seda Gecü
Location: Yalova, TURKEY
Project Year:2008
Date of Construction:2010
Project Area:500 m2
Construction site: 330 m2
Electrical Engineering:Birfen Elektrik/ Yalova
Mekanical Engineering:Teknikel Klima/ Yalova


“Ak-tops General Management Building” project which was completed with all of its application details by Senemoğlu Mimarlık about two years ago, was finalized and put into service by May of 2010. Although the present building was single floored, considering that it passed through a major earthquake, whole of the building was stripped down to its colons and beams. The carbon fiber and epoxy used to enstrengthen the building was produced by Aksa Akrilik, one of the sibling companies of the same group. The material that was used on the exterior was a product that the design team wanted to use for a long time. Difference and escape from the ordinary for the offered project is implemented with the assistance of Ayça Dinçkök from the Akkök Holding administration. The building which has a symmetric structural mass, moves into a brave architectural lane with its asymmetric joinery lines.

İrem and Emre Senemoğlu especially emphasize that they do not want to severe the connection between the administration building and its surrounding factory. To enstrengthen the connection between the interior and exterior, woodworkings were spread down to the ground by expansion and concrete covering was used on the floor. Concrete material used on the office floors does not only contain the aesthetic concerns of the architects, but is also an extension of the factory floors. And the stone applied to the platform that covers the exterior of the administration building increases the visual perception of the building.


Exterior Siding
This material is a reference to sustainability approach which has an increasing say in every subject these last few years. Its decomposition over long years and renewing the sheets with new ones and they getting the same color and texture brings a different approach to the life’s changes. It’s just like youngsters taking over the task from the elders. The continuity of life is maintained via change. This material continuously ages and changes.


“Although the rusty sheet used in the Exterior Siding of Ak-tops is a material used by architects overseas for years, it is hard to use here because of the conservative stance of Turkish customers. The one who provided us with the chance to use this material, Ayça Dinçkök from the Akköy administration who always has a positive approach to new materials and ideas, is so innovative – forget about persuading her to use this material–was the one to say“I want this” when she saw the material. First of all, the best part of this material for us is that it has a living side. It takes a different color each day since the day it was put onto the exterior. Corten is a material that has an extra amount of copper content in the sheet and it forms a layer that protects the sheet by rusting caused by reacting with the air. Since the exterior of Ak-tops wasn’t big enough to import this material, we used thicker than normal, 3mm sheets. When the rusting process ends as a color for us, a polyester based semi-transparent protective polish will be applied to protect the exterior from weather conditions. Because when we first finished the exterior it would be black iron colored, we washed our sheets with water and acid mixture to speed up this process. Then we rinsed them with water to stop the acid from continuing to affect the iron and then mounted them to the exterior. This processed was really helpful for rusting the exterior rapidly. In truth, after starting this work, when one begins to see changing colors everyday, he discovers a new beauty of the exterior in each step. This is what gives their value to the materials that are living, aging and getting more beautiful as they age.” says the design team about material decision making and application process.

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