Akaretler Art&Design Day_İstanbul

A short review for who misses Akaretler Art& Design Day because of weather conditions;

“Coca-Cola Book” launched by Assouline specially printed for 125th year has been presented at Autoban Akaretler…


A selectıon of furnıture desıgns by AZIZ SARIYER atDERIN DESIGN
We love Aziz Sarıyer’s never changes plain, elegant and perfections at details style. You have only 3 days to catch up Aziz Sarıyer’s selected furniture designs at Akaretler Art& Design Day.

Carsten Witte’s“Psyche” gallery should been visit atArtlimits Gallery. Though, we love art’s reachable side! Limited signatured editions by the artist, can be bought about 160.00TL. Editions are 50,20,10,5 and with originality certification.


Our last recomendation to you is Ebru Alpagut’s“Bir Sırrım Var” atC.A.M Gallery. Exhibition is about physical, sexual and emotional exploitation and details of young women body.

It is a secret hard to carry around that leaves a scar and becomes a taboo, that is not talked about even most of us pass through, that leaves us with the label -“guilty”- and somehow we externalize.

Details marked by colors on a black and white time screen, suppressed memories pushed towards the darkness of subconscious that got scraped to our minds with an image, emerge with Ebru Alpagut’s brushstrokes. She narrates physical, sexual, emotional and psychological abuse by giving several symbolic meanings to the bodies of young women and putting them in diverse characters.

Exhibition can be visited at C.A.M Gallery from 15th October to 13th November…

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