ALACA Selected Works from The Collection of Leyla Alaton

EKAV / Education, Culture and Research Foundation is hosting selected works from the private collection of Leyla Alaton, curated by Deniz Artun, as a parallel event to the 14th Biennial of Istanbul, between September 1st – October 3rd, 2015.

ALACA by Claudia Segura Campins…

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality. (Yoko Ono)

Art collections intend to tell a story, different stories about life, instigating a dialogue with our hic et nunc, our dreams and fears, past and future. Art is a mirror of how we understand and see reality and how we project images of ourselves.

The selection we present from Leyla Alaton’s collection, even though extremely poetic, evokes matters, which talk to one’s conditions, worries and wishes. Pure emotion and sensitivity seem to appear as leitmotivs travelling along this compendium under the form of color. In this sense, the title Alaca underlines the multi-colored nature of the collection where several artists from diverse nationalities and backgrounds stand against clichés and standards.

Mehtap Baydu Söz Gümüse
Mehtap Baydu
Söz Gümüse

We could think of her collection as a constellation, having a philosophical meaning as a group but where the individuality of each work is dutifully preserved. This assemblage of color, vivid, dynamic and mostly fresh, becomes a metaphor of the collector’s discourse and the collector’s insight. The collector’s gaze is reflected on the art works, which ultimately add information on how she attempts to grasp humanity.

As viewers, the group show confronts us with the collector’s private gaze, expanded here in time and space. To some extent, we are entering her hidden cabinet de curiosité, and realizing that it is mostly composed of edited art works by major artists, accessible and economically attainable. It is a collection of multiples, which can still be unique and personal.

Alaca, which is viewed last year at the m1886 Gallery in Ankara, is the metaphor of an honest and true beam, allowing us to comprehend Leyla Alaton’s nature. Art becomes a part of her life, one that somehow defines her, becoming the first dream to be shared.

You can watch the exhibition on Turkey’s first online art television:

EXHIBITION : ALACA – Selected Works from The Collection of Leyla Alaton
OPENING : September 1st Tuesday, 6 pm
PLACE : Ekavart Gallery
VISITING HOURS : Monday – Friday 11:00-18:30 / Saturday 12:00-18:30

* Ekavart Gallery is a non-profit establishment under EKAV. All the income earned through exhibitions is granted students as scholarships who are receiving art education.

Cover Photo; Julian Opie
Gallery Staff (1) 57.5×93.5×6.5 cm, 2010

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