ALMA furniture collection by Cristian Reyes

A creative studio specialized in the industrial area, rendering, sketching and graphic communication, Christian Reyes have created the Alma furniture collection, including a chair, table, lamp and a trunk.

ALMA is a set of hybrid furniture, agile and dynamic mainly for those people active, energetic and newly emancipated without a highly developed buying power. It is characterized by its simplicity and aesthetic simplicity of form, combining the elegance and subtlety of the ergonomical curved line with the harmony of line. It is made by combining materials like ash wood, felt and metal, which give it a warm character, natural and sophisticated at the whole. The goal is to make life easier, consistent with the current social situation and where the household economy is not a barrier to acquiring a truly useful product details and that part of being a coherent and conscious design, it is also an economical design and quality.


The ALMA chair is characterized by reflect a simple and formal aesthetic finish. It has a comfortable and manipulable anchoring system by a metal pin holding charge of the legs, which are fully removable and independent.


The table Alma has similar characteristics as handling both aesthetic reflected in the chair. Accurate and formed of the same metal anchoring system, so that the feet are likewise completely independent. This makes it a versatile element within the space. We can go from having a support table intended to perform or meet basic daily tasks, whether for work, study or food, to have a place of leisure and relaxation just a manipulation process.


The Alma lamp concept comes as the most versatile in the set. Following the same aesthetic and formal patterns reach a room with a great power within the space multifunctional.


The trunk is one of the key pieces in the set and basic furniture. It is considered a support member within the space and its objective is to organize all those leftover pieces, at one point, the remaining elements of the set.

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