Almere Urban Entertainment Centre by Will Alsop

Project Name:Almere Urban Entertainment Centre
Location:Almere, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Architect:William Alsop
Client:MAB Groep BV
Contract value:£ 30 million
Date of completion:2003

The Urban Entertainment Centre in Almere comprises of 16,000sqm of new buildings containing shopping, pop concert hall, disco, hotel, bicycle park and associated leisure, cafe and restaurant facilities. These elements are grouped together beside a new sunken square and form an edge to the southern limit of the existing town centre.


The ‘polder city’ of Almere, close to Amsterdam, has grown up as a low-rise development along the lines of the English garden cities. Although the residential areas of Almere are attractive, the settlement lacks a real heart and the lack of local amenities encourages people to commute to Amsterdam for entertainment. Almere has, however, something of a tradition of encouraging bold and innovative architecture and this has underpinned moves to transform the central area. 

In line with the development masterplan for Almere, which envisages a process of ‘intensification’ for the city centre, SMC Alsop designed a 16,000sqm waterfront entertainment centre.


Since the building construction is over(2003) just to see that interesting architecture you might want to arrange a cultural visit to Almere, Natherlands.

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