An 8th Wonder for the 7th Art

For some authorities, the pleasure of the art lies behind the personal awareness. But there also is an impact of the inevitable truth called “an old flame” -which is always driven by the virgin level of the experince in every individual. These types of flames that should be kept burning on, are always stands still inside of us in various forms and moments; like that smile of your old crush, the pale color of your first car, your favorite but boken toy or maybe in a form of art, let’s say a movie that was very special…

Or even more, a cinema, a movie theater.

Not your own, but for your own.

Which was surrounding and warm. Complementary and calm…

The -lucky- guests of the Film on the Rocks – Yao Noi Festival have returned their home while they still burning inside by a this kind of an old flame.

For the final night, guests of the festival were taken to a very special place. The Nai Pi Lae lagoon on Kudu Island. The host of this final night was a floating cinema designed by Beijing-based architect Ole Scheeren. This Archipelago Cinema consisted of a floating screen and a separate raft-like auditorium. Surrounded by a magnificent landscape including the two towers of rock, the guests have experienced a unique and spiritual cinematic experience.


Taken its architectural inspiration from the local fishermen -who have their own gleaning techniques to construct floating lobster farms- the cinema has built with modular patterns and crafted out of recycled materials. Its modular construction allows for flexibility and future reuse. So they decided to donate the cinema as a playground and floating stage for the future shows of the community of Yao Noi. Brilliant!

Source: Architizer

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