An Adorable Suite by Kirei Studio

As a team, we always try to share the best and newest projects with you in order to give you inspiring tips for your own living spaces. Today we are very proud of introducing you a great, luxury and amazing suite designed by the Interior Architecture brand Kirei Studio; “Un homme et Une femme” in Normandy Barrière Hotel the latest project of the studio.

We do not need to hide our admiration while looking at the suite because it is designed perfectly; the colours are chosen meticulously, the luxury can be felt emotionally…

Kirei-Un homme et une femme-36

The suite “Un homme et Une femme” was designed based on the 1966 French film of the same name. The original pattern of the Toile de Jouy, known as “le Delice des 4 Saisons”, was reinterpreted for this room with an approach to the colour sepia. This colour was chosen specifically to hint to the moods of the film, which was shot mostly in black and white

The headboard is identical to the one in the film, along with the two night stands. The classic black and white bathroom has a few contemporary touches, such as the iridescent golden lacquer of the wash basins, which completes this room.

Kirei-Un homme et une femme-82

The adjoining living room, decorated with a sofa of soft pink accents, harmonizes the suites colour palette while giving it light and romance. The walls are covered with photos from the movie, bringing this suite back in time for a romantic weekend getaway.


Images: Fabrice Rambert

Who is Nathalie Ryan?

Maria-Mikulasova-Nathalie-RyanOver the last 10 years, interior designer Nathalie Ryan has been developing the aesthetic of Christian Dior around the world. With a strong instinct and a natural eye, she has contributed to the visual identity of this celebrated fashion house by reinventing the values of elegance, luxury and the meaning of French chic through the design of their iconic boutiques.

Since the start of her career, Ryan has worked in a number of different sectors within the design industry, contributing to the realisation of 5* hotels, advertising agencies, music studios, fashion boutiques and luxury residences.

Hailing originally from Montreal, Nathalie Ryan’s road to success was forged by both random and determined encounters.
She moved to Los Angeles in 1996 with the intention of staying just a few months. This evolved into four years, during which time she worked for fashion brand BCBG/Max Azria. Whilst at BCBG, she worked on the development of the brand within the United States and was instrumental in a number of interesting architectural projects. This included the repurposing of an old firehouse in Washington DC and overseeing its subsequent transformation into a glamorous boutique. Ryan was also involved in the conception of the brand’s equally iconic European flagship store located in Paris’ Madeleine neighbourhood.

In 2000 a head-hunter took notice of Ryan and orchestrated the encounter that would change the course of her career – with Sidney Toledano, the CEO of Christian Dior. Toledano invited Ryan to interview with him and to discuss the visual aspect of his boutiques. This marked the beginning of their long, fruitful collaboration, during which Ryan oversaw and carried out the realisation of Dior boutiques across the globe. “Working with Dior was a very creative and enriching experience. Every city brought its own unique quality to the project. Flexibility and my genuine curiosity for diverse cultures played an integral role in this job. Being able to decipher local customs was crucial for a successful project. The goal was to translate the Dior spirit abroad by adjusting it and adapting it, whilst not deconstructing it completely,” reflects Ryan. During her collaboration with the brand, Ryan designed the lavish Dior Suite at the Hôtel Majestic in Cannes – 400m² of pure luxury, emblematic of the great couturier. This in turn marked the beginning of another rewarding relationship, this time with the Barrière Hotel Group.
In 2010, Ryan decided to branch out alone and thus, she created Kirei Studio.

What is “Kirei?”

The word ‘Kirei’ is a Japanese word meaning ‘Beauty’. Beauty fused with high quality physical materials represent two fundamental pillars of exemplary architectural creation. Therein lies the ethos of Kirei Studio.

(Noteworthy projects created by Ryan’s agency to date include: the development and realisation of the Acqua di Parma boutiques for LVMH; the design of the Halston stores in the United States; private residences in Paris, Montréal and Aspen; and the renovation and redesign of certain aspects of the Normandy and Royal Barrière Hotels in Deauville. The Hôtel Majestic in Cannes has also called upon her services again since the completion of the Dior Suite.)

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