An Excellence Workplace: HootSuite

Since HootSuite’s inception in 2009, accommodating their rapidly growing workforce has been a top priority for the social media giant. Currently employing over 300, the company found a new building to house their staff under one roof, with room to grow.

SSDG Interiors was tasked with converting the 33,000 SF former police building into a progressive, technologically advanced work environment that reinforces HootSuite’s unique corporate personality, anticipates workforce growth, and attracts and retains new talent.

Award: IDIBC Awards of Excellence
Location: Vancouver

aol-ssdg-hootsuite-08 aol-ssdg-hootsuite-07 aol-ssdg-hootsuite-06 aol-ssdg-hootsuite-05 aol-ssdg-hootsuite-04 aol-ssdg-hootsuite-03 aol-ssdg-hootsuite-02

Images: SSDG

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