An exciting team in the Yard: Ontwerpduo

Ontwerpduo ! The Dutch team is working in two different ways: experimental with designing an own collection and also designing directly for different companies. They are focused on research and experiment in materials and manufacturing techniques, development of concepts, making prototypes, making scale models.

The team works in an old factory hall called ‘The Yard’. It is home to about ten designers. The floor space is partitioned into separate studios for each designer who also share general facilities. The Yard is a strong group with individuals who work in the same building. They all recognize each others talents and cultures. Talent, knowledge and interests are melting together.

Nathan Wierink and Tineke Beunders,‘a dreamer and mathematician’ are the founders of ‘Ontwerpduo’. They are rationalist and emotional sides of the studio. When they were having education together, they always were looking forward to produce their designs and sell in the market.

Now, we choose some of their products, which are exciting and interesting.

Garden of eden is a set of furniture for the garden. The hanging chair can be placed in a tree or veranda, like a big birdcage. It gives you the feeling to sit in your own space. At the same time you can have contact with the surrounding because of the open structure.

The chairs and table have a laser cut pattern from different items you find in the garden. The same pattern is embroidered at the pillows. The furniture can be placed in the garden as a piece of jewellery, and when you want to use it, simply add the pillows.

They collected these old, beautiful blankets. The collection was getting so big, that they decided to design a handbag with this material. Now, 4 years after making the first one, they already turned 80 different blankets into much more bags. They designed a new handbag, made out of re-used wool blankets and beautiful cotton inside. The only new part is the handle. Every bag is unique.

Light forest is a wall and ceiling lighting system. The possibilities are unlimited. The design consists out of different parts, which can de connected to the wall and ceiling. Step by step the lighting system will”grow” across the space. It is possible to get only one single lighting point or many more lighting points, wherever you would like to position them. Obstacles or height differences are useful features to install these lights in a beautiful way.

More information about price, selling points and so on? Check theweb site.

Photos are taken by Reluct-Joost von Brug.

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