An Industrial Designer’s Signature on the Carpet

Atlas Halı is the first machine-made carpet brand of Turkey. It was as if it were gone at some point… Now it’s back, with its brand new collection! Since 1967, as in their catchphrase, it has become a member of the family for hundreds of households… It is obtaining its new lane, innovative approach and – again – a first under Naksan Holding.

It’s integrating industrial designers into the carpet industry. And they administered a very efficient process with this cooperation.

They directed industrial design offices to work in different quality groups and features. They asked them to design carpets that would be complementary to the location or would be the starting point of the decoration, using current decoration trends as their reference.


Let’s see what came out of this cooperation between 45 years of experience and industrial designers.

So who’s in?

Kunter Şekercioğlu that you will remember from Dervish coffee cups, Ece& Oğuz Yalım& Feride Toprak who were awarded and are known for their latest office furniture for Ersa… Eti Karam’s designer Gamze GüvenBaşak Ergin – whose armatures you know, Özgür Uşaklıgil who is a carpet maker since his childhood, Boğaç Şimşir , Erdem Akan who has designed Eastmeetwest and Ali Taran A.Ş


Şems,Hatayi,Hare,Harman,Hayat Ağacı,Oyun,Gece,Nazar Boncuğu,Vuslat,Uşak,Sedef andSereserpe collections are worth seeing…

Also don’t forget to seeAkide andAheste series designed byAtlas Halı‘s own team. It seems likeGün Işığıseries and Ay Işığı series where they interpret fibers that glow in the night by Erdem Akan and Boğaç Şimşir will surprise their owners.

Each collection expresses the assertive approach of the brand.


Approaches of the last users while they were buying carpets, habits of the target group, consumer choices in focus group researches were all affective in finalizing the collections.

You might have noticed their commercials in the last few days.

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