An interview with the designers of Biaugust

We have made an interview with the talented designers of Biaugust, a Taiwan based design office in Taipei. Both born in August, Owen Chuang and Cloud Lu named their co-founded design company “Biaugust” to declare that their love for design was as passsionate as the August sun.

Since its establishment, Biaugust has received several domestic and international awards, and has participated in numerous art exhibitions in different parts of the world. By exploring a variety of avenues in which to exert their design expertise, “Biaugust” has spread its good name into clothes lines, home decor, interior design, industrial, art creation and other areas…

AOL: What is your definition of ‘Design’? Where do you and Taiwan design stands on the design world?

Biaugust: In our opinions, design is anything that we can feel or we can use. From a nail to a car, from a piece of tissue paper to a building, any objects that you can think of comprehend “design” essence. Taiwan is an island country, therefore, we have three advantages “diversification”, “open-mind” and “fusion” from the environment surrounded. In recent years, Taiwan design is growing gradually no only in quality but also in quantity. No matters in which design territory, we all attempt to make Taiwan design under the nature way that could represent the fusion between tradition and modernity, local and global culture.

AOL: Do you agree with ‘form’ and ‘function’ must always stand together or is that a matter of choice?

Biaugust: Through the thinking way of design, both of us think ‘form’ and ‘function’ should be existed at the same time. The only concern is proportion between the both.

AOL: We can see that you have varying themes in your designs. How do you choose your design themes? Do you work often customer based or studio based (That you decide what to design)?

Biaugust: Our design indeed exists some themes or concepts, and all of these are from our feelings of life or the information we gained, for example, it could be a book, a corner we pass by or a conversation with friends. After we estimate the type or the demand of design case, we would apply our ideas in our works. Normally, we would find a balance between the customer side and studio side. We try to make the work not merely satisfy clients but also achieve our original creation.

AOL: Are there any designs produced by brands in your collection (or pre-production, maybe) that on sale, to name a few?

Biaugust: Animal Chair, Love & Pace Collection, A Little Round-Round Land, A Flower, The Nonlife Zoo.

AOL: Do you have any other collaborations or personel projects besides Biaugust?

Biaugust: Yes, we have some cooperations with commercial brands, such as escents(Taiwan), Starbucks(Taiwan), Tales, Toast, Taipei Fine Arts Museum,


We did unique installations for enterprise and foundation as well, for example, Hermes(Taiwan), ELLE(Taiwan), escents(Taiwan), Trendy Interior Design, Taishin Bank, Fubon Art…, etc.

AOL: What kind of projects of Biaugust await for you – and us – in the future?


We are designing a set of table chair and tableware, now; besides, we are making a new collection of product at the same time.
Then, we are planning to make a spatial design from this year, in 2013.

For biaugust, we would love to try and touch with anything interesting.

“A little Round-Round Land” by biaugust:

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