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First, we experienced it with the Apple  iPhone and then, the cell phones with Android OS. And now, after the marriage with Facebook, our new retrospective fashion, the  Instagram has become the latest stroke of genius of our time… Driven by its fame and glory, now its logo become a host for a new design: A brand new camera, featured with all of the talents of Instagram. And more!

Let’s take a look to the  Instagram Socialmatic Camera!

With a 16 GB mass storage, the Wifi and Bluetooth integrated camera has a 4:3 touchscreen supported by 2 lenses, (first for main capture and second for 3D filters). It also has webcam applications and QR Code capturing which can make you followed by another Instagrammer, simply pointing his/her Socialmaticon your printed QR Code.

Yes.. Printed.

The hidden surprise of this device is its internal printer! With dedicated 4 colors ink tanks, it carries your Instagram photos to the real world. The camera has a paper cartridge with Instagram Paper Sheets which have a retro side with a glue strip, just like a post-it. You can share in the real world your photo, printing your emotions and sensations. And, with the InstaOs 1.0 you can put together Facebook and Instagram App feature for sharing your photos in all kinds of social media platforms.

Also, just like one of the  most talented gadgets of the century, the Polaroid, on the bottom of front side of your printed photo, there is a dedicated space to write something. Actually, this device is just like a brand new Polaroid with softweare update and hardware upgrades!

Unfortunately, Instagram Socialmatic Camera is only a concept… But we hope to handle it as soon as possible. Maybe as the Architecture of Life, we will organize a competition too!

Who knows?!

Source: adr studio

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