Are You Chalkin’ To Me?

Usually composed of calcium sulfate, blackboard chalk is a synthetic material used for writing and all kinds of artistic matters. Apart from the fact that there are still a lot of countries use this oldschool technology on school blackboards, chalks are so common and vary in type that you can use them on any surface even on glass.

As Architecture of Life, we would like to share with you these 25 product design with the inspiration taken by blackboard chalks… Hope you all like them!

AOL_Chalkboard_01 AOL_Chalkboard_02 AOL_Chalkboard_03 AOL_Chalkboard_04 AOL_Chalkboard_05 AOL_Chalkboard_06 AOL_Chalkboard_07 AOL_Chalkboard_08 AOL_Chalkboard_09 AOL_Chalkboard_10 AOL_Chalkboard_11 AOL_Chalkboard_12 AOL_Chalkboard_13 AOL_Chalkboard_14 AOL_Chalkboard_15 AOL_Chalkboard_16 AOL_Chalkboard_17 AOL_Chalkboard_18 AOL_Chalkboard_19 AOL_Chalkboard_20 AOL_Chalkboard_21 AOL_Chalkboard_22 AOL_Chalkboard_23 AOL_Chalkboard_24 AOL_Chalkboard_25

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