Art Basel Miami 2015

Since 1970, Art Basel’s goal has been to connect the world’s premier galleries and their patrons, as well serving as a meeting point for the international art world. Now, over forty years later, its three fairs – in Basel, Hong Kong and Miami Beach rank as the premier shows of their kind, presenting 20th and 21st century art with a strong curatorial perspective. This year, Art Basel Miami between 3-6 December 2015 was perfectly organized again with every single details. Art Basel is one of the most competent organizations all over the world with the latest trends, the latest piping hot works and the most attractive designs. Each detail was so organized blow-by-blow that, the guests were put inside according to a categorised order.

This year, 75.000 attenders appeared containing 258 institutional galleries from 31 countries, more than 140 museums and institutes, corporate collectors and representatives at Art Basel. Tracey Emin, Richard Phillips, John Currin, Martin Creed, Doug Aitken, Yosimato Nara, Takashi Murakami, Wim Delvoye, Mark Bradford were outstanding names of the fair.


Niki de Saint Phalle sculpture welcomes the guests on entry. Niki de Saint Phalle (1930-2002) is a well known French artist, sculptor and film maker with her colourful and extraordinary works. Niki de Saint Phalles is an artist examined woman figure in a miscellaneous way with her archetype sculptures and was a pioneer of pop art trend with her round formed sculptures in 60s. You can click here in order to see her works.


Artist, director and photographer Piotr Uklanski was one of the most attention grabbing names of the fair.

The Outstanding Figures of Art Basel Miami 2015

As mentioned above, every single detail of the fair was attractive and inspiring; but we have compiled the most significant ones for the art-lovers. Here are the unmissible ones:

Broken Figures Made From Cyristal and Volcanic Ashes of Daniel Arsham


Arsham’s broken figures were exhibited on the white walls at Baró Galeria under Untitled Category of Art Miami.The parts of the collection consisting five figures made from selenite, ash and hydrostone are sculptures of themselves





Peter Combe’s Colourful Portraits


San Francisco based artist Peter Combe’s work created by using thousands of different coloured tiny plates were exhibitied at Scope Miami Beach.


The selection created by Robert Fontaine Gallery consists of groups of portraits designed by different tones of colour palettes incrementally.



Tobias Rehberger’s Pixelated Porn


Rehberger’s work created by getting inspiration from the Shunga; Japanese erotic drawings gives a discoverable scene when looked at from a distance place.


The work is created by application of mosaics onto the wall shows sexual images and pornographic pictures . You can watch the video of ‘1661-1910 from Nagasaki, Meiji, Setti’

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