Art Bosphorus Contemporary Art Fair

Art Bosphorus Contemporary Art Fair, which was opened with a special show of performing artist Nezaket Ekici who lives in Berlin, holds creations of 300 artists from 20 countries in Fulya Fair and Congress Center.

This year, the theme of 4th Art Bosphorus with the curatorship of DenizhanÖzer is”Dreams, Colors, Truths”. In the fair which hosts artists from many countries such as Greece, France, USA, Italy, Germany, Iceland, Poland, Armenia, Japan, Serbia, Korea and United Kingdom, one can see many works from every branch of art, from painting to photography, sculpture to installations, dance to performance and video art.

Yumino Seki who is one of the most important names of Japanese Contemporary Buto dance in the world is among the guests in the fair.

35 galleries have a place here. As I can’t write the name of every single piece here, I will share the works that stuck in my mind.

Emel Karakozak-Artgalerim Nişantaşı

Photographs of Emel Karakozak who will open an exhibition in Artgalerim Nişantaşı in 11th May are beyond traditional photography. They resemble abstract motifs formed upon combining nude bodies.

Nur Gürel-Artgalerim Nişantaşı

Nur Güler has embraced the environment: furnished wall papers that in fact, belongs to houses, on roads; covered buildings with blankets. She also lets us have different feelings by having a view from above with a godlike point of view.


Paintings of Saim Erkan which are about the alone city people, Selahatting Aydın, Zeynep Akgün and Semih Zeki can be seen in Artgalerim Nişantaşı section.

On section ofGallery Baraz are works of Halil Akdeniz.His works are about cultural marks and Anatolian civilizations and have a rich range of materials. The canvas was turned into many other forms.

Nejat Sati’s works, as an artist ofPi Artworks, are impressive. The plastic effects of sunflower field and sugar is transmitted very well. Both of the works make us think of the consumer society. One of his works,”Factory” is small, simple and thought-provoking…



Bahri Genç and Bedri Baykam take place in Piramid Sanat.

Bedri Baykam-Piramid Sanat

As a fan of Günseli Kato, I found her work inÇağla Cabaoğlu Art Gallery perfect!

All of the projects of Bennu Gerede are beautiful and meaningful in themselves. Hüsamettin Koçan, Gökhan Deniz, Lolita Asil, GüneşÇınar, Yaşam Şaşmazer… I must write about each one of them indeed…

Günseli Kato_Çağla Cabaoğlu Art Gallery

EsraÜnler attends the fair with her”La Vim-Yaşamak” in Galeri Enver section.Ünler who prefers working with oil-paint and different materials moves the Life into her paintings by creating a cracked structure between the canvas and painting; and this technique has become her signature.

Çağatay Odabaşı and Serdar Akkılıç from Trio Sanat Galerisi. An epic theme dominated paintings of Serdar Akkılıç. He reminded me Ertuğrul Ateş with red fuzzy ribbons.Mysterious figures without a face…

Serdar Akkılıç-Trio Sanat Galerisi

My mind stuck on molasses in the work of Seçil Yaylalı in PASAJist section. I wanted to eat it as if I like it. Yaylalı works with many materials and methods. She carries out participatory art projects that replaces the product with the process. The artist is also co-founder of PASAJist. In PASAJist, she makes paintings that focuses on the existence problem of human with the technique of Huri Kiriş. I adored the sculpture of Enrica Borghi which she made using daily waste products! Waste and femininity together. This gallery also hosts works of Suna Tüfekçibaşı, Mirzam Siefert, Samantha Sweeting.

Seçil Yaylalı-PASAJist

In Merkür Galeri, I could see my beloved artists, Seçkin Pirim and İlke Kutlay.I should also say that I found the works of Ercan Akın very original.

And in Galeri Binyıl, I remember creations of Seydi Murat Koç and İlknur Şanal whom I follow closely.

When I got into a deep conversation with Merih Akoğul, I was nearly to miss the ferry and be late for my kid coming back from school. For this reason, I will be back in the fair on 1st May to see if there is something that I missed…

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