Asakusa Culture Tourist Info Center by Kengo Kuma

Japanese architect Kengo Kuma(Kengo Kuma and Associates) has designed the Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center in Tokyo, Japan.

The building is designed to accommodate plural programs such as tourist information center, conference room, multi-purpose hall and an exhibition space.

Located on only 326m2 of space, across Kaminari-mon Gate, the building has the characteristics of the typical narrow but functional Japanese architecture.

Equipments are stored in the diagonally shaped spaces born between the roof and the floor. The roofs divide the structure into 8 one-storied houses and determine the role of each floor.

As angles of the roofs inclined toward Kaminari-mon and the heights from the ground vary from floor to floor, each floor relates differently to the outside, giving a unique character to each space.

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