At the intersection of two diciplines: Fatih Evyapan

We would like to introduce you a young designer who works for different fields. Fatih Evyapan  is an industrial designer. He has graduated from Anadolu University Industrial Design department as Honor student. After his graduation, he directly started to design projects for the company Witman in Taiwan. From 2010 he is working in the company Heinz Hesse KG in Germany.

Bitbox Design, for the company Witman Co. in Taiwan, has 3 parts to store 25mm bits and a quick release magnetic bit holder. With its patented mechanism, three storage parts can be easily opened in one action.

Another bit set he designed, called Flatbox, easy to carry with its clip. It includes, 25mm bits and a magnetic bitholder. You can see which type of bits you have in the box, even it is closed. When it is opened, you can work comfortably because all the bits and the bitholder do not falls down to the ground.

As a creator of the new Heinz Hesse KG Logo; Fatih evyapan designed many other projects for the Company Hesse like a new screwdriver handle. A new Hadnle design for the telescopic mirrors and the magnetpullers, has the same two different materials. Its special form which has a connection between triangle to circle, gives a non sliding grip with its conveks and concave forms.

He also created the identity for the Tool Magazine A-AKTUELL, which is published in Germany.

As you can see from Fatih Evyapan’s personal logo, he stays in between of two disciplines. As an active designer and artist…

A collaboration from the Hungarian Artist Tas Vicze was exhibited in Berlin Chimera Project last year.

If you see one of his drawing somewhere, please do not surprise. This can be a skecthbook, a music albume cover, or even a video clip.

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