Award-Winning Design “FEK” From Derin Sarıyer

Fek sitting unit by Derin Sarıyer which attracted people with its modularity and interactivity was deemed the Good Design Award this year, one of the most prestigious awards given by Chicago Architecture and Design Museum. Sensational design also shines out with being the first Turkish brand won award in furniture category. The commission who chose the product for the award consists of international design professionals, architects, experts and culture leaders. We have made an interview with Derin Sarıyer on his product which will be exhibited in Good Design Show, Chicago in June 2011.

Architecture of life: How was the Fek sitting unite born?

Derin Sarıyer: It was actually born out of a very simple idea. I can clearly describe this idea as”meaningfullness”. To my way of thinking, the production of a design must be based on a reason and meaning. We, as Derin Design, prefer to be stay away from daily practices done only to draw attention. And Fek came out from this point of view.

Architecture of Life: Could you tell us about the design process of Fek?

Derin Sarıyer: In the beginning, I focused on Fek 1 unit. When looked at its plan, it’s a triangle; but if you examine the third dimension of Fek, it will surprise you with different perspectives in every angle. I consider Fek as a sitting unit which creates illusion of dimension and form according to viewpoint while satisfying need of ergonomy. Then, together with Fek 2 and Fek 3, the collection was turned into an interactive, modular system which can take form and direction at user’s pleasure. At this point, I can say that Fek is a furnishing product which is able to exist on its own and as a group and keeps its reason of existence within.

Architecture of Life: To our knowledge, Good Design was brough to life in Chicago by Eero Saarien, Charles and Ray Eames and Edgar Kaufmann in 1950s. And Fek was deemed the Good Design Award this year, given by Chicago Architecture and Design Museum. It’s one of the most prestigious awards in the world. Can you give us some information about this award?

Derin Sarıyer: We have entered our 40th year as Derin brand.So far, our product has won many prizes.We don’t design furniture with a sense of competition; but it’s not any harm anyway to win international awards occasionally. We have been in important design platforms of the world.It’s a pleasure for us to receive tangible awards besides moral approvals we get in exhibitions and fairs we attend.

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