Ayşegül Dinçkök Photography Exhibition “Derin Tutku Air” (Deep Passion Air)

At MSGSÜ Tophane-I Amire Culture Art Center Tek Kubbe Building

I like the people having art passion. It must be such a passion that it should make the person who is interested in it and the people around his/her happy, must be beneficial, the person should enjoy his/her work… Ayşegül Dinçkök has a deep passion that she wires away. She has been following this passion through depht, taking the good results thanks to her exhibitions. On the one hand, she has been working on what she loves; on the other hand, she has been working on social issues so she has helped the society in which she lives in.

Dinçkök invites the people to see and be aware of; not to look at with this exhibition by interpreting the unique underwater world called “Coral Triangle” with an abstract perspective. Refik Anadol’s videoart work is at the exhibition hall, adding a charming atmosphere.

Ayşegül Dinçkök ( Solda ) - Yasemin Semercioğlu
Ayşegül Dinçkök  – Yasemin Semercioğlu
Photo by Emre Mollaoğlu

I leave you alone with the interview:

Yasemin Smercioğlu: The name of ‘Deep Passion’ is as a Project, a family, a team according to me… What does ‘Deep Passion’ mean in your life?

Ayşegül Dinçkök: ‘Deep Passion’ is as its name, shows that how my passion is deep and enormous. The inspiration of the name of ‘Deep Passion’ is my little daughter Mutlu… We have been working hard in order to develop and brand ‘Deep Passion’ for four years. Our team is a family, then.  Our team supported me very much when my book and exhibition works were simultaneous. I couldn’t have succeeded in anything if Melek Manisalı and Mehmet Turgut had not helped and supported me with their team and offices. Serena, Fethi, Çağdaş, Sanem, Deniz, Salih, Ayşin , Burak, Zeynep, they all worked hard and helped me much.

Y.S.: I know that you get your swimming passion thanks to our family. Could you please tell us about the times when you were a national swimmer? Dİd your family, especially your father encourage you?

A.D.: I was born in Bebek and my father was from Galatasaray; these are the reasons why I’m a swimmer. My father opened a swimming school in Galatasaray Island. After the courses at school, I studied with Galatasaray Swimming Team, then I became a national swimmer at national team. I swam with breaststroke technique for ten years and when I left swimming, 100 and 200 metres records still belonged to me.

Y.S.: How and when did you pass through the depht of the water from the sufrace

A.D.: We went to San Blas Archipelagos near Panama seven years ago. I can say that I and my friends could not find time to see the surface because of our diving with snorkels . I decided at that moment that was the high time for me to dive. I got my first brovar in Kaş Sun Diving and then I got the second one in Bodrum Erman Diving by passing a test. I have dived hundreds of times without having a break.

Y.S.: Diving is a hobby according to most of the people. You take photos at the same time. Were you interested in photography before? Where did you take photos?

A.D.: I have been taking photos since I was a high school student. I was taking photos according to the subjects that I write at the magazines. But underwater photography is much more different than taking ordinary photos. It is really arduous. The things that were put in the cameras providing water resistence called housing and the lights are really heavy; it is about 15 kilos on the land; it is heavier underwater but still heavy. It is really difficult to move with that heavy camera and to concentrate on the thing that you want to take photo. I can say that I have a good sense of framing, so this skill helpes me to do my job in a shorter time.

I have dived and taken photos in the most places of Mediterranean Sea, in Turks and Caicros Islands, in Carribean and Indian Ocean most.


Y.S.: How is the world underwater? How do you feel when you dive? Do you forget everything on the land? Or your sorrow dives with you?

A.D.: Diving is a meditation for me. After all, I need to be healthy if I dive. For example, I shouldnt have any problems with my nose and ears. So, I thank to God at the eight metres of the divig; form y health and the beauty that I see. Underwater is charming, I always tell, I share photos and videos with my friends. The people that I give inspiration to diving feel and share the same as me.  There, it is only you, your breath and a different colourful world. If you do not leave your problems and sorrow on the land, you cannot enjoy the underwater world.

Y.S.: You donated what you had earned in your previous exhibition as a social responsibility project to Underwater Research Association and Widow Fisher Women. Will you do something like that?

A.D.: Mediterranean Protection Association, I’m one of the founders of it, has a great Project. This is an award winning Project of our principle of Zafer Kızılkaya whom we dive together; Sea Preserves Project. Thanks to this projects, some zones are chosen and fishing is forbidden for one year, then the number of the fish increases incredibly, seven times! Fishermen earns 58% more. I believed in this Project with all my heart, if we didn’t preserve our seas, there would be no places to swim, no fish to sell and eat because of overhunting. My book’s income is donated to this Project.

Y.S.: Actually, you have the power to help this Project without doing something tiring like that. Is there another reason for you to work hard? Is the reason the woman, lucutrating, straining…?

A.D.: Do you think that the thing on which you worked hard and the one that you get without working are the same? Yes, I would helped to the Association without that book but where is the social consciousness? Mine is trying to do my best. I want to attract people’s attention, to what happens near them, to the danger that they will encounter… The financial satisfaction is not important.

Y.S.: Yes, you are right, it will be very easy to have something without working. It will be much more important to work actively as a hardworking woman. Hope you will succeed in what you want to do. Adn diving again; do you dive at nights? Have you ever experienced someting frightening?

A.D.: Yes, I make night diving and I enjoy very much, too. If I fear, I can’t make it. There are some streams in some zones, and our guide tells about them before, so we dive very carefully, we try to be very close to each other. If the stream is very strong, we fasten the hooks on the rocks, but I haven’t experienced a problem during night dive. My first exhibition consists of a lot of night dive photographies.

Y.S.: It seems that there is a very different perspective at your Works different from the ordinary underwater photographies. They remind me the “Alice in Wonderland”, Alice dived deeply this time. I’m tiny in front of the photographies. 

A.D.: I just wanted to emphasize it. The creatures that I took with my macro objective are very tiny ones actually. But I overstated them because I want to see and show them huge. I want to show that we should see, not to look at thanks to these tiny but huge creatures.

Yasemin Semercioğlu
Photo by Emre Mollaoğlu

Y.S.: Could you please share the most effective diving adventure with us?

A.D.: I think seeing mandarinfish near the camp on which we stayed during our journey through Raja Ampat Coral Triangle was a very interesting and nice experience. Mandarinfish start to find mates at sunset and they mate in dark. You must know the case and the zone in order to take photos of them. I observed the fish thanks to Zafer and I succeeded in taking their photos. I like the diving which requires research and has good results.

Y.S.: You have a story book named “Korkma” (Don’t Fear), do you still write besides diving?

A.D.: I’m not writing these times but writing is s addiction. I always promise that I will create something new. I think writing articles for magazines does not satisfy me but help me not to forget how I should write.

We had a great conversation with Ayşegül Dinçkök learned the different traits of her. Hope she gives you inspiration, energy and ambition. I wish you will hug the passion that you want to follow…

The second exhibition of Dinçkök “Deep Passion Air” consisting underwater photograhy of Raja Ampat and South Sulawesi  will be at MSGSÜ Tophane-i Amire Culture Art Center Tek kubbe Building until December 31th.

Be with art passion forever…

Çeviri; Hatice Topbaş
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