B- ok: Intellectual, Interesting, Indispensable

We always want a bookcase elegant enough for our books which bring us to different planets and adventures. But no matter which material is used for an ordinary bookcase, it treats the books as if they are the same- we should put the books in a row. Here is a bookcase challenging those ordinary ones: B- ok.


B- ok is a product which is a result of an intellectual period. It is an interesting bookcase which is both hard and stable; it has also visual lightness.

It is possible to call B- ok as a “versatile item” which was designed by the young Italian designer Marica Vizzuso. It is a zig zag tower, and a room divider at the same time.

You will love this design which does not care clichés

aol-marica-vizzuso-b-ok-02 aol-marica-vizzuso-b-ok-04 aol-marica-vizzuso-b-ok-05 aol-marica-vizzuso-b-ok-06

Images: http://www.behance.net/

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