Bathrooms are the new focus point!

Bathrooms are becoming an increasingly major player in the home-furnishing sector and just as important in their own right as other rooms in the home. Colours, different materials, interesting combinations… When they are designing, they care to make user to feel comfortable and calm.

To define the identity of the bathroom; washbasins, mirrors, shower head or another accessory in batrhoom use actively. We would like to have a look on his sector and we catch impressive examples for you.

There is clearly major interest in coverings on floor or wall. There is an increasingly creative take on these, Raw Edges’ distinctive“Tex” tile by for Mutina, in which a rhomboid module emulates and enlargesa“knitting stitch.” Then there is Raffaello Galliotto’s modular and highly chiaroscuro“Tulle” stone covering, with its three-dimensional effect, for Lithos Design.

Marco Merendi, for Rapsel ’s new designs for bathtubs are reminiscent of the old washtubs you see in old (Rapsel’s one is even made of copper!). The world of the Kitchen meet the Bathroom ambience in a coloured and playful manner without loosing its function.
This bathroom collection – inspired by the delicious kitchen world- is made in aluminium and available in di erent sizes and colours to meet di erent use
and taste.

Le Giare is a complete bathroom collection designed for Cielo by Claudio Silvestrin. Le Giare collection is characterized by a sinuous design, austere but not extreme, contemporary, elegant but without ostentatious, suitable for any bathroom.

Experimentation, contamination and innovation. These are the defining characteristics of the Babele collection, the new modular furniture solution by Glass , in collaboration with Lucidi Pevere. Cooperation between Glass and the two designers continues and shows how new languages, commonly belonging to the interior design world, can migrate to the bathroom context and transform it.

For the private area, a totemic washbasin and free-standing bathtub for Laufen , by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba is one of the eye catching products.

Scavolini  presents BLU, complete innovation for the market: a new brand starring the bathroom in a project signed by the leading Italian kitchen brand. BLU Scavolini is not a simple bathroom furniture collection, rather it is a programme of complete ambiances, which is extremely articulated in its composition variety, featuring the latest dictates of lifestyle and wellness.

The covering and bathroom products of Marazzi  are designed for different target group and space. Sculture Evento or Gfull porcelain washbasins, which are in Hatria Collection, are great product family.
Bathrooms has become a focus point at home. In these days, every brand in this sector, tries to design competititve collection for the caring users…

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