Beforme: for future moms, in care of the baby

Project: Beforme (MP3 player and stethoscope)
Design: Elżbieta Madej/ Puffi Santel Intergalactico
Investor: Robert Majkut/ Robert Majkut Design

Beforme was designed for pregnant women to cater for their needs, especially the need to have a contact with the yet unborn baby. The innovativeness of Beforme is based on the connection of 2 simple functions in one device: a portable music player and an electronic stethoscope that enables to listen to mother’s and child’s heartbeat. Thanks to Beforme the future mom has a chance to deepen her contact with her yet unborn baby.

Beforme enables to control the correctness of the heartbeat of mother and child which can be displayed as a graph on the screen, or played and saved as a sound file – this can be later sent to the computer or other device using Bluetooth connection or USB cable. Besides the medical control function this gives a unique possibility to create a”heartbeat diary” of unborn child– a priceless souvenir from the period of pregnancy.

As a medical device Beforme is a very discreet one– it can be worn as a beautiful accessory, and thanks to the easiness to switch from stethoscope function to music player function the future mom does not have to resign from pleasure– in this case of listening to her favourite music. The device is available in different color versions.

The project of Beforme is a premiere product of Puffi Santel Intergalactico, the concept by Elżbieta Madej was elaborated in cooperation with Robert Majkut.

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