Between Pratical and Poetic: Lina Patsiou

Lina Patsiou  is the daughter of an economist and a philosophy teacher. She has always balanced between the poetic and the practical. She graduated from Product and Systems Design Engineering department in University of the Aegean, Athens. Now, she is in Royal College of Art, Design Product department for her master degree.

An engineer by training and an artist by temperament, she approach briefs in an analytical manner and a philosophical appetite, to create objects where fact and fantasy merge in a narrative of their own. Let’s have a look her works to learn more about her design approach…

Muscar is a stroking light; a friendly intruder and a loyal companion, it can sit on your lap while you read. Directly flock-coating on a bulb provides it with a unique, tactile effect.

A combination of low heat ES lightbulb and a heat resistant fiber coating brings this light to the perfect temperature to leave on your bed, your desk, your book. And to stroke; obviously. Muscar is in production by Thomas and Vines  flock coating experts. We could say that Muscar will be in the shops, soon.

She used light and shadow as a medium to define and describe the space. By putting the archetypical table under the spotlight, she researched literally and symbolically the boundaries of its territory and the ways the object can be described and reinterpreted.

Using the shapes of the shadows cast by the table as the basic composition of her design, she created a three-dimensional shape that serves both as a structure of a new table as well as an expression of space within which the social function of coming together unfolds and develops. Exhibited in Santorini Biennale of Arts.

Fibreland is a celebration of local manufacturing and a narration of a maker’s making story. She worked with flock, a nylon fiber that can be sprayed on practically any surface, to provide it with a velvet-like finish. Every time an order comes in and a new product is flocked, a new layer of different coloured fibre is added on this surface.

Fibreland manifests the mythical aspect of industrial process and the potential for narration that arises from it. Exhibited in Santorini Biennale of Arts.

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