Blood Art

Graduated in 1999 from Gallatin School for Individualized Studies, Fine Arts/Media Studies of New York University, Jordan Eagles is a New York based artist who preserves blood to create his works that evoke the far and close connections between life, death, body, spirit, and the Universe…


Eagles uses various mark-making and notable methods. He sometimes layers the blood at different densities or heats, burns even ages the material. Not only blood of course, he uses copper, some conductors of electricity etc… 


The materials and luminosity in these bodies of work relate to themes of corporeality, mortality, spirituality, and science—invigorating blood as sublime. When lit, his works become translucent, they cast shadows and if you project a glow, they appear as if they are illuminated from within. Maybe from the former soul of their source…


You may never know the source, but you will feel, whatever is real.

We are human. It may seem like it is only about the percentage.

But even if we are 95 or just 5, we have still this architecture, of life.

Giris AOL_Jordan_Eagles_Blood_01 AOL_Jordan_Eagles_Blood_03 AOL_Jordan_Eagles_Blood_05 AOL_Jordan_Eagles_Blood_06 AOL_Jordan_Eagles_Blood_07 AOL_Jordan_Eagles_Blood_08 AOL_Jordan_Eagles_Blood_09 AOL_Jordan_Eagles_Blood_10 AOL_Jordan_Eagles_Blood_11 AOL_Jordan_Eagles_Blood_12 AOL_Jordan_Eagles_Blood_13 AOL_Jordan_Eagles_Blood_14 AOL_Jordan_Eagles_Blood_15 AOL_Jordan_Eagles_Blood_16 AOL_Jordan_Eagles_Blood_17 AOL_Jordan_Eagles_Blood_18 AOL_Jordan_Eagles_Blood_19 AOL_Jordan_Eagles_Blood_20 AOL_Jordan_Eagles_Blood_21 AOL_Jordan_Eagles_Blood_23 AOL_Jordan_Eagles_Blood_24

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