BMCE Dome Building; Foster& Partners

The first regional headquarters branches for Moroccan bank, BMCE (Banque Marocaine du Commerce Exterieur) have opened in Rabat and Casablanca. BMCE is an amazing sustainable building and it is also special for being the first buildings by Foster& Partners completed in Africa. BMCE features plenty of sustainable goodness: energy efficiency, an electricity-free cooling system called”earth tube” which uses fresh air drawn into an empty pipe that encircles the building underground (where it is naturally cooled by the earth and released into the branch), locally-sourced materials such as black granite and gray limestone…

As in the Masdar Zero Carbon project, Foster& Partners detailed the façades with traditional Islamic architecture patterns. The contemporary interior is wrapped in an energy efficient exterior. This low-iron stainless steel, traditional geometric designed screens keeps down the heat maintaining a high energy efficiency.

As an important component of the İslamic architecture the feminen domes are used in the project. The dome form creates an amazing sculptural curved bench as it sweeps down into the banking hall …

The interior of the dome is rendered in tadelakt, a local plaster technique, while the exterior is clad in zellige, which are traditional ceramic tiles.

The BMCE flagship branches– our first completed buildings in Africa– reinterpret elements of traditional Moroccan architecture, combining these with a contemporary interior that reflects the Bank’s progressive approach to its customers. This blend of ancient principles and modern technology is also reflected in an energy efficient design. The result is a series of buildings that are sustainable and each one, uniquely, of its place.” says Lord Foster.

For sure, we love talking about sustainable projects ascending day by day. We also loved the dome interprating todays architectural, interior conception and the islamic patterns creating amazing light scenes in the interiors …

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