Bodrum Pina by GAD Architecture

Pina is one of the Aegean peninsulas near Bodrum.

This peninsula that is surrounded by trees is an example of the beautiful spots where the Aegean nature meets with the sea itself. Pina, which is a joint project byGAD andDara Kırmızıtoprak, is designed as to not hurt the present natural beauty of the residential area of the peninsula. As a result, a sustainable design that is in harmony with the nature, that conforms to it has emerged.

Because of this, many diagrams that analyses the current locations of the trees, the topography of the land, the areas that may be used for roads and buildings were produced. Under the guidance of these diagrams, the surfaces were shaped by streching and deforming them to form the spaces.

There are 17 villas, 21 hotel rooms, event spaces, restaurants and recreational areas in this 44.500 m2 area. Three types of residences were created by shaping the units using organic and radiational intersections. The general settlement of the area was created by adapting these units to the local conditions. Furthermore, each residence is designed to have its own private pool and garden.

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