Bookend Designs

As you may use in your house or office, a bookend is an object that is designed to support an upright row of books on single or multiple shelves. They are placed on either end to prevent books from falling over. Over those years with succession of various designs on such house accessories, our utilitarian ‘pillars’ are also become mostly decorative and unique but hidden keystones of our living spaces…
Let’s take a look to some of these…

AOL_Bookends_Feed_Me_Seymour AOL_Bookends_Giraffe AOL_Bookends_Heads AOL_Bookends_Katana AOL_Bookends_Leaning_Men AOL_Bookends_of_the_Earth AOL_Bookends_of_the_Earth_Mountains AOL_Bookends_Panda AOL_Bookends_Shark AOL_Bookends_Shower_Scene AOL_Bookends_Spring AOL_Bookends_Tentacle_Attack AOL_Bookends_Tentacle_Pirate_Ship AOL_Bookends_Victorian_Whale AOL_Bookends_Voodpecker Bookend-Designs

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