Bosco Verticale: The World’s First Vertical Forest

Bosco Verticale, the world’s first vertical forest, being built in Milan. This 27-storey residential project signed by the architect and academician Stefano Boer. He is an editor of the world’s most important architectural magazine Domus.


The building is surrounded by plant life and created an environment in micro-climatic. Construction area of the building is 50,000 m2, and plants have 10,000 m2 in this area. The diversity and characteristics of the plants used, provide moisture and allows for the absorption of polluted air and carbon dioxide. Trees that create a pleasant coolness in the summer, and they shedding the leaves for sun to enter into the apartments in the winter, providing also reduces the annual energy expenditure. Bosco Verticale is also an important step for Biomilano Project.

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