Boundary House / A House At The Boundary

Boundary House”, designed by Atelier Tekuto is a marvellous building beyond its name and boundaries as its original name having LEAF AWARD 2013 and Wood Design Award.

The site is situated in urbanization controlled area between residential area and farm land. It belongs to legally unbuildable zone but the client was allowed to build due to his vested rights of the land. The house stands on edge between economy-based urban development area and rural land. Our design proposes a dramatic shift from economy-based to ecology-based life style.


Materials and finishes are also treated the same in interior and exterior. Exterior walls are finished with charred ceder wood (called Yaki Sugi), that are traditional Japanese technique of wood treatment. And interior sides are finished with persimmon tanning containing Bengara (called ‘Kaki-Shibu’) that is also a traditional wood finish. Both finishes has similar texture and color, so that interior and exterior walls become continuous.

For floor finish, polished terrazzo are used both interior and exterior so that architecture is seamlessly connected with the ground.

aol-atelier-tekuto-architects-boundary-house-interior-07 aol-atelier-tekuto-architects-boundary-house-interior-06 aol-atelier-tekuto-architects-boundary-house-interior-05 aol-atelier-tekuto-architects-boundary-house-interior-04 aol-atelier-tekuto-architects-boundary-house-interior-02 aol-atelier-tekuto-architects-boundary-house-interior-01 aol-atelier-tekuto-architects-boundary-house-exterior-02 aol-atelier-tekuto-architects-boundary-house-exterior-01

Location: Chiba, Japan
Site area: 178.23 ㎡
Building Area: 99.85 ㎡
Construction: Wood
Architectural Design: YAMASITA, Yasuhiro / Atelier Tekuto
Constructional Design: NAWA, Kenji / Suwa
Photography: SOBAJIMA, Toshihiro

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